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A short but sweet moment with Snehalaya (a Home of Love), Pune(2)

एक प्रेमी युगल के रूप हमेशा सुना करता था प्रेम में मूल्य उसका ज्यादा होता है जो प्यार कम करता है । आज समझ में आया ये सारे बेमानी है। वो चाहत जो न बोल कर भी एक गूंज दिल में छोर गया उसकी कहानी है ये दो घंटे के यादे । I was in […]

Social Sense(4)

An incident took place around 2.15 am 28th July 13 near Le Meridian hotel in Parliament street of central Delhi when a group of bikers were involved in a confrontation with police officials trying to stop them from performing dangerous stunts on the roads. Human Right : Desh ke honhar bachho pe goli chalana, apradh […]

Not sure if I am killing time or time is killing me(98)

I just feel like something is missing in my life .Somewhere I read the quotes “The person wants to change their life, but they see no goal for it. No goal means no direction or starting point. Hence the hours spent wallowing in procrastination” & now I am on the same page. Gone are the […]

Video which may inspire you.(2)

Tujh mein hai aandhi, tujh mein hai Gandhi(0)

ओह! ये तो सपना था! टूट गया? क्या फर्क पड़ता है, देख लेते हैं! शायद इतना अच्छा लगे की हम इसे सच कर बैठे!



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