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What should every Indian know about Bihar !!(0)

What should every Indian know about Bihar? 1. Land locked area. Ravaged by floods regularly. 2. Ganga passing through Bihar does not benefit north Bihar. 3. Bihar doesn’t have any mineral deposits, so industries could not develop here. 4. Due to shortage of engineering colleges in Bihar, we are forced to go to south & […]

Humor is great medicine(0)

It often happens in life, self review never reflects the real picture. IT professional mostly agreed with this. It happens twice every year or somewhere it came once, but result never changed. People fill 5/5 & management reply as per proportion. Like most of professional, I also not stick on above, even here not came […]

Trains full for Diwali season, waiting list crosses 1,000 mark(1)

Getting a confirmed railway ticket this Diwali appears next to impossible. The seat status for trains to New Delhi, Patna, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Indore, Bhopal and Kolkata is either unavailable or has a long Waiting List (WL). The WL number for the two days before Diwali (which falls on November 3) has crossed the 1,000 mark. […]

A short but sweet moment with Snehalaya (a Home of Love), Pune(2)

एक प्रेमी युगल के रूप हमेशा सुना करता था प्रेम में मूल्य उसका ज्यादा होता है जो प्यार कम करता है । आज समझ में आया ये सारे बेमानी है। वो चाहत जो न बोल कर भी एक गूंज दिल में छोर गया उसकी कहानी है ये दो घंटे के यादे । I was in […]

Social Sense(4)

An incident took place around 2.15 am 28th July 13 near Le Meridian hotel in Parliament street of central Delhi when a group of bikers were involved in a confrontation with police officials trying to stop them from performing dangerous stunts on the roads. Human Right : Desh ke honhar bachho pe goli chalana, apradh […]

Not sure if I am killing time or time is killing me(98)

I just feel like something is missing in my life .Somewhere I read the quotes “The person wants to change their life, but they see no goal for it. No goal means no direction or starting point. Hence the hours spent wallowing in procrastination” & now I am on the same page. Gone are the […]

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