Humor is great medicine

It often happens in life, self review never reflects the real picture. IT professional mostly agreed with this. It happens twice every year or somewhere it came once, but result never changed. People fill 5/5 & management reply as per proportion. Like most of professional, I also not stick on above, even here not came to write pain of the same. This statics became a pillar of inspiration, once society rejects yourself review. Today I caught guilty myself for this misunderstanding. I get rejected by myself to counter Anil Kumar in-front of Sharma Jee. Sharma Jee is nothing but my social identification of local environment & Mr Kumar is what, I am actually.
To overwrite my feeling sharing medicine for such awkward situation of life: Humor is great medicine and has proven to be a powerful ally in enhancing your overall health and well being.
Laughter is one of the best antidotes for reducing the day to day stress and anxiety that so many in this day and age experience and has proven to be an extremely effective way to increase the positive energy which is responsible and necessary for achieving Abundance, Happiness and harmony in life.
Learning of the day: There’s so much more to life than appearances and so much more within the appearances of life that are all too often overlooked, ignored, remaining both unheeded and unseen.
-Anil, love for being ignored

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