An incident took place around 2.15 am 28th July 13 near Le Meridian hotel in Parliament street of central Delhi when a group of bikers were involved in a confrontation with police officials trying to stop them from performing dangerous stunts on the roads.

Human Right : Desh ke honhar bachho pe goli chalana, apradh hai. In civilized society we don’t tolerate such irresponsible act by Delhi Police.

Anil Text:
● What a time, good morning 2:15 AM
● Only 40 bikes (single, double & triple) gentle Indian future.
● They use to do same from last couple of years (as per TOI), in recent last two months, it was forth/fifth time when they spread their love on road with
▪ Family walking on road
▪ Auto ricksha driver
▪ Of course poor security owner, a name of joke dear Local Police